We have a wide range of Smith’s Heaters available at BHL and with our new and improved Smith’s category it is now even easier to find the right Smith’s Fan Convector Heater for your requirements.

Our Smith’s Heaters range includes their highly popular Space Saver Plinth Fan Convector Heaters ideal for domestic and commercial properties with limited wall space for conventional electric heaters or radiators. The Space Saver simply fits into the plinth of any fitted unit providing efficient and effective heating that rivals any conventional radiator or electric heater. There are a range of different Space Savers available including Hydronic, Electric, Duo, Low Voltage and Floor options available.

Also available are the Hydroflame range of Hydronic, Electric and Duo Fan Convector heaters designed to look like a conventional electric fire but providing more efficient heating.

There is also the Eco-Powerad Fan Convector designed to look like a convectional radiator, providing a sleek looking heater that blends into the decor of any room while providing the benefits of a fan convector heater. The Eco-Powerad is a hydronic fan convector heater and is up to 31% more efficient than an equivalent output radiator.

There are also more a wide range of high line and low line fan convectors available including the Ecovector, Caspian, Sterling, Award, Sygnet, Skyline and Sureline ranges.

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Ideal Heating are now offering an outstanding 7 Year Warranty on all Logic Combi, System & Heat Only Boilers until 31st December 2012. Simply register atoledo.com your boiler within 30 days of installation either online or calling 0800 032 3598, it couldn”t be more easier. So why wait you can purchase any of the at BHL at competitive prices and quick UK delivery.

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New Greenflame wood pellet boilers join the biomass revolution

Keen to offer viable heating solutions to the mass market, Trianco has extended its renewable heating arm to a range of superbly designed biomass wood pellet boilers.

Greenflame is an automatically fed wood pellet boiler that delivers efficiencies in excess of 90% as well as offering substantial CO2 savings.  It requires a carbon neutral fuel supply in the form of wood pellets meaning it has environmentally friendly credentials.  Wood is one of the most sustainable and natural fuel sources as it releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it absorbs during growth.

Offering superb features to ensure user friendly and simple operation, it comes complete with digital LCD controller for ultimate control and a 7 step modulation feature.  Wood pellets are automatically fed via the units 100kg pellet store facility, capable of supplying total heating and hot water requirements to a typical home for up to 7 days (dependant on property size, fuel quality and usage levels).

Other features include frost protection, a self cleaning burner and heat exchanger and a low level pellet sensor/warning signal to give the homeowner ample notice to refuel.  The unit also houses pump and pressure switch housed within a weatherproof casing and is the only wood pellet boiler available on the market offered complete with steel flue system (other fluing options available).

The first of a series of outputs to be launched in the range is rated to 15kW suitable for a 2-3 bedroom property.  Introduction of internal and external models rated 15kW – 25kW will shortly follow.

Having MCS accreditation means the range is eligible for the current ‘Renewable Heat Premium Payment’ (RHPP) and the forthcoming ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ (RHI).  These government grant options coupled with the fact that the cost per kW/h of wood pellets can be up to 50% less than that of oil means substantially low fuel bills for the homeowner.

Greenflame is a superb alternative for homes searching for a low cost heating solution that has environmental and fuel cost saving benefits and avoids the fuel shortage crisis that is expected to worsen in the coming years.  The range meets the efficiency standards set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes and is a serious contender for tacking fuel poverty issues in a time of continual increases in the rise of UK fuel costs.

The Greenflame will be available to buy at BHL shortly so check back soon.

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Trianco gets into the Move with a 500k Uplift

Trianco have completed their 500K move to a streamlined factory and new offices after a major refit at its Chapeltown based manufacturing facility in Sheffield.  The result is a streamlined production facility with all machinery placed in the best possible position to ensure optimum efficiency levels are achieved.

For engineers and merchants the site offers an impressive renewable centre showcasing all the current products now offered by the company.  The front of the building houses two 18kW Activair air source heat pumps that work in conjunction with a 15kW external Greenflame Biomass wood pellet boiler,   solar thermal backs the system up.  Inside the building the heating set up is completed with the installation of the recently launched Aztec electric system boiler all powering to a 500 litre thermal store.

New offices built on the same level as the factory are modern, bright and feature a classy reception area displaying Newton stove’s, its centrepiece is a Cream vitreous enamel 5kW unit as a working piece, a superb welcome feature for visitors in the winter months.

“This move cumulates a two year strategic plan for our business that has included a complete overhaul of our product ranges to focus on renewable technologies.  The introduction of Greenflame biomass wood pellet boilers ranging from 15kW to 200kW and the revamp of Activair air source heat pumps which offer increased performance levels is just the start.  Newton ‘defra’ approved stoves, including vitreous enamel finishes complete the renewable offerings to date.  The ever popular range of ‘Aztec’ electric boilers, have been joined by a range of ‘easy fit’ system models and feature new and improved PCB’s”.

“The rest of this year and into 2013 will be an exciting time for the company as we delve further into renewable technologies with the introduction of solar thermal and a diverse range of cylinders, we will continue to support our traditional heating ranges” explains Managing Director, Peter Beighton.

A wide range of Trianco Products including Oil, Soild Fuel and Electric Boilers are available at BHL at competitive prices and fast UK delivery.

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Introducing The New Aztec Electric System Boilers

The Aztec electric boilers were first introduced several years ago and have since supplied thousands of homes across the UK that have had no mains gas or required a practical and versatile heating alternative that could be installed in the smallest of spaces.  Now a new breed of super compact Aztec ‘system’ boilers, have been launched to complement the existing range.

The Aztec system is a clever yet simple to install unit that offers the end user a clean and easy fit.  Designed as an ‘all in one’ unit, Aztec system contains all the major components, normally installed in addition to a standard electric wet system boiler.

The range features adjustable controls and shows off a smart digital programmer and built in pressure and flow temperature gauge.  The pump, expansion vessel and automatic air vent on the other hand are discreetly housed behind a clean White vitreous enamel casing.

The range is available in outputs from 6kW to 12kW and feature the usual benefits associated with Aztec electric boilers.  Efficiencies of 99.8%, low NOx emissions and versatile siting options with no flue or fuel tank required.  They also present perfect heating solutions for smaller dwellings such as flats, mobile homes and apartments due to its compact size and can be installed simply and effortlessly in a cupboard or mounted on a wall.

Whisper quiet in operation the Aztec system boiler supplies ample heating and hot water for the home and is an ideal partner with underfloor heating and renewable heating technologies such as air source heat pumps. The range is manufactured to a superb standard in the UK and houses a solid stainless steel heat exchanger as well as replaceable elements.

All Aztec models are now complete with a newly designed state of the art, printed circuit board (PCB).  Providing full modulation, it continuously supplies an optimum output for the systems demand, the full controllability through all heating cycles ultimately reduces running costs.  An external temperature control adjustment is also displayed (ranging from 35 degrees to 75 degrees).  Dry fire and overheat monitoring fully protects the elements and a full diagnostic remote fault finding feature is available.

The Trianco Aztec Electric System Boiler Range will be available to buy at BHL soon.

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New from Fernox is the F6 Energy Saver a quick and simple way to improve the heat transfer efficiency of your boiler and central heating system. This new chemical treatment helps to lower the energy usage of your boiler helping to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. The Fernox F6 Energy Saver is compatible with all central heating systems and also helps to maintain the systems high energy efficiency. For more information on Fernox F6 Energy Saver visit the Fernox website, also F6 Energy Saver will be available to buy from shortly so check back soon.

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Fernox F3 Central Heating Cleaner is a quick and effective method of removing Iron Oxide Sludge, Limescale and other harmful debris from your central heating system. The build up of these types of debris within the central heating system can severly affect it energy efficiency leading an increase in energy bills and carbon emissions. The build up of sludge, limescale and debris can clogg up radiators, the boilers heat exchanger and central heating pump leading to costly maintenance costs. As this will mean the boiler has to work harder and long to heat your home increasing fuel consumption and so leading to higher energy bills and carbon emissions.

By Cleaning your Central Heating System with you can save up to 15% on your energy bills (For best results use in conjunction with ).

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Fernox F1 Central Heating Protector provides long term protection to domestic central heating systems against Limescale formation and corrosion. These are common problems for any cental heating system which can cause a significant drop in energy efficiency leading to an increase in energy bills and carbon emissions. Therefore protecting your Bleibt uns also nur zu hoffen, dass dir das Stargames Casino in naher oder ferner Zukunft auch weitere roulette strategi Varianten anbieten kann, die fur noch mehr Abwechslung in deinen vier Wanden sorgen. central heating system is important if you want to keep your energy bills, boiler mantenance costs and carbon emissions down.

Simply by dosing your central heating system with you save up to 15% on your current energy bills (for best results use F1 in conjunction with Fernox F3 Cleaner).  As well as lowering your energy bills Fernox F1 Central Heating Protector can reduce boiler mantenance costs, prevent cold spots in radiators, prevent sticking pumps, boiler noise and reduce your homes carbon footprint.


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At BHL we have Lowered our Prices on all Triance Oil Boilers including the Trianco Eurostar High Efficiency Oil Boilers and Trianco Contractor Standard Efficiency Oil Boilers. The Trianco Eurostar Range includes the Kitchen/Utility and Internal Combination models ideal for homes without a mains gas supply providing High Efficiency Heating and Hot Water helping to reduce fuel costs and lower Carbon Emissions, Outputs ranging from 15-70kW. So if you’re looking to fit or replace an oil Boiler then why not try BHL for all your plumbing and heating needs.

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BHL have recently supplied the Blue Waters Hotel in Antigua with Plastic Plumbing Fittings.

The Blue Waters Hotel is a luxury Caribbean hotel located on the North East coast of Antigua.

Visit the Blue Waters Hotel website here.

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