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Trianco gets into the Move with a 500k Uplift

Trianco have completed their 500K move to a streamlined factory and new offices after a major refit at its Chapeltown based manufacturing facility in Sheffield.  The result is a streamlined production facility with all machinery placed in the best possible position to ensure optimum efficiency levels are achieved.

For engineers and merchants the site offers an impressive renewable centre showcasing all the current products now offered by the company.  The front of the building houses two 18kW Activair air source heat pumps that work in conjunction with a 15kW external Greenflame Biomass wood pellet boiler,   solar thermal backs the system up.  Inside the building the heating set up is completed with the installation of the recently launched Aztec electric system boiler all powering to a 500 litre thermal store.

New offices built on the same level as the factory are modern, bright and feature a classy reception area displaying Newton stove’s, its centrepiece is a Cream vitreous enamel 5kW unit as a working piece, a superb welcome feature for visitors in the winter months.

“This move cumulates a two year strategic plan for our business that has included a complete overhaul of our product ranges to focus on renewable technologies.  The introduction of Greenflame biomass wood pellet boilers ranging from 15kW to 200kW and the revamp of Activair air source heat pumps which offer increased performance levels is just the start.  Newton ‘defra’ approved stoves, including vitreous enamel finishes complete the renewable offerings to date.  The ever popular range of ‘Aztec’ electric boilers, have been joined by a range of ‘easy fit’ system models and feature new and improved PCB’s”.

“The rest of this year and into 2013 will be an exciting time for the company as we delve further into renewable technologies with the introduction of solar thermal and a diverse range of cylinders, we will continue to support our traditional heating ranges” explains Managing Director, Peter Beighton.

A wide range of Trianco Products including Oil, Soild Fuel and Electric Boilers are available at BHL at competitive prices and fast UK delivery.

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Everything you need to know about Boilers and Boiler Manufacturers

At BHL we have developed new websites aimed at specific boiler types and brands with helpful consumer information and advice to help costumers looking for a new or replacement boiler. Our new sites include:

At BHL we have developed these sites purely to promote and sell boilers as well as providing in depth information about boiler types, ranges and manufacturers. As well as information and advice we also aim to keep you up to date on the latest news and promotions from manufacturers and the boiler industry as a whole.

So why not visit one of our new sites and start comparing boiler manufacturer’s and ranges and find the right boiler for your requirements. Also if you have any questions that cannot be answered with the information on any of our sites then each site has a live chat system allowing you to chat instantly with a member of our sales team. Our sales team is more than happy to help with any queries regarding any of the boilers featured on any of our sites. If you are interested in purchasing one of the boilers found on any of our boiler sites then simply click on the Buy Here Button at the bottom of each page.

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Water Treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end use. The goal of all Water Treatment process is to remove existing contaminants in the water, or reduce the concentration of such contaminants so the water becomes fit for its desired use. One such us is cleaning and filter water within a central heating system in order to make the heating process more effective and efficient.

British Standard (BS7593) – Code of Practice for treatment of water in hot water central heating systems’. The purpose of BS7593 is to ensure awareness of potential problems, and of the remedies required to maintain efficiency and maximise the life of the hot water central heating system.

The standard also gives guidance on the preparation of the primary circuit of wet central heating systems prior to initial commissioning or re-commissioning following major remedial work and ongoing Water Treatment to ensure continued efficiency in operation. Although intended to cover domestic systems with up to 45kW heat output, it is recognised that their recommendations are also applicable to similar systems of higher heat output that require Water Treatment. We supply a wide range of Water Treatment products including:

  • Inhibitor - Inhibitor is a general purpose treatment for total protection against limescale and corrosion in all types of indirect central heating systems, including those containing aluminium. Will extend the life of the system, and ensure maximum efficiency and minimum fuel usage. Once added, Inhibitor never needs to be replaced unless the system is drained down.
  • Antifreeze - Antifreeze is a multipurpose inhibited antifreeze which is formulated to help give effective frost protection and control corrosion, limescale, boiler noise and hydrogen gasses in all types of indirect heating systems including those containing aluminium components. If minimum levels are maintained the Antifreeze ensures a permanent protection and does not need to be replaced.
  • Heating Cleaner - At BHL our range of Heating Cleaner including boiler descaler, sludge remover and central heating cleaner from leading manufacturers including Fernox and Sentinel, helps keep your boiler working when you need it most, keeping you warm through the winter.
  • Lime Scale Removal - Lime scale Removal is used for removing limescale from any type of water heater to restore its efficiency. It is safe to use with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, PVC, ABS rubber polythene and most plastic pipework. Limescale Removal is a powerful acid limescale remover and can dissolve up to 50% of its own weight of limescale, it is also corrosion inhibited.
  • Boiler Noise - Boiler Noise is usually the result of limescale deposition within the heat exchanger of a boiler. This condition is worsened if magnetite is also present in the system, as this combines with the limescale to form a much harder deposit.
  • Leak Sealer - Leaks in central heating water systems can result from external frost damage, dry solder joints, accidental perforation during maintenance or decoration, or internal corrosion.
  • Disinfectant - Disinfection is necessary to protect against bacterial and micro-biological contamination in central heating and chilled water systems as well as underfloor heating and renewable applications. BHL offers a range of Disinfect products which are effective in penetrating and removing bio-films in the control of Legionella and Pseudomonas.
  • Water Test Kit - Water Test Kits are a postal service for analysis of central heating system water which has been designed to provide the installer or system owner with rapid validation of correct cleaning, flushing and treatment with Inhibitor. It can be used during new system commissioning or during commissioning of existing systems after component replacement.
  • Heating Filter - A Heating Filter is a proven high efficiency product designed to tackle all central heating systems, removing virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris.
  • Power Flushing - Power Flushing provides you with faster, easier cleaning for problematic, dirty heating systems, quickly helping restore optimum efficiency. Using Power Flushing with sludge remover can remove magnetite sludge clearly, safely, rapidly and efficiently from central heating systems.
  • Scale Inhibitor - Scale Inhibitors feature a wide variety of products currently available for clamping, wrapping around or inserting into water pipes to inhibit water hardness scale. These can be magnetic, electrolytic or electronic devices and do not change the chemical composition of the water, although a physical change may take place.
  • Polyphosphate - The Polyphosphate unit provides protection for domestic hot water systems from the effects of scale deposition. It works by proportionally blending a minute amount of Polyphosphate into the system water.
  • Thermal Fluid - The term Thermal Fluid consists of two words; ‘thermal’ meaning heat, and ‘fluids’, which refers to liquids, gases and vapours. Pressure, volume and density all play an important role in Thermal Fluids. Temperature, flow rate, phase-change and chemical reactions may also be important in a thermal fluids context. There are two types of Thermal Fluid: Solar Fluid and Heat Pump Fluid
  • Condensate Neutraliser - Condensate Neutraliser is an in-line unit containing a special media that will neutralise the acidic waste from condensing boilers. The flow of condensate through the unit is manipulated to achieve optimum contact with media ensuring effective neutralisation.

Water Treatment products are available to Buy online from BHL. We supply a wide range of Water Treatment products and online from leading manufacturers including; FernoxSentinel, Scalemaster and Liff.

Read more about Water Treatment here….

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Trianco prides itself on offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of heating products available on the market today. Under the renowned Trianco brand, the product portfolio consists of the newly launched ‘Newton’ range of multi fuel stoves, high efficiency oil, electric and solid fuel boilers, as well as a range of renewable products. Trianco also offers a variety of engineering solutions using the lastest machinery technology.

Trianco produce a wide variety of heating products varying from the hugely successful Aztec Classic range, the only electric central heating boilers on the market with a British Standards Kitemark. A Trianco Electric Boiler is a type of boiler where the steam is generated using electricity, rather than through the combustion of a fuel source. Electric Boilers although they are more expensive to run that gas-fired and oil-fired boilers, they are popular because of their simplicity and ease of use, as well as being almost 100% efficient.

Trianco are leading manufacturers of central heating products including a wide range of Trianco Oil Boilers. Trianco’s range of oil fired boilers include the impressive range of traditional floor standing boilers, Trianco also produce wall mounted oil boilers, external oil boilers, combination oil boilers and system oil boilers. The EuroStar range of high efficiency SEDBUK Band A oil boilers were introduced in January 2011 and proudly feature ‘specially matched’ Riello burners. Available in kitchen/utility and combi models, the range suits small to large properties, due to a wide range of outputs. Contractor non-condensing oil boilers are also available where legislation permits.

In addition to the Oil Boilers that Trianco produce, they have a new and improved range of Oil Storage Tanks. Trianco Oil Tanks are containers, used for holding liquid fuel such as oil. At the heart of any oil heating installation is an oil storage tank. When correctly installed and maintained, today’s Trianco Oil Tanks can provide many years of safe, secure and eviornmentally responsible fuel storage.

Trianco Activair air source heat pumps are the renewable product offering, renowned for being the most competitively priced range of ASHP’s on the market today and completing the portfolio is the long standing range of EuroStar solid fuel boilers and roomheaters.

With limited natural resources at our disposal, we all have to be even more conscientious. The world is constantly looking for effective ways of reducing waste and improving the efficiency of household appliances. As pioneers of the domestic heating market, Trianco have entered a new era of domestic heating, confidently rising to the challenge of renewable energy with it’s range of competitively priced Trianco Heat Pumps.

Air Source Trianco Heat Pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home heating, especially in areas with less severe winters. But what makes it such a viable heating alternative, and how does it work? Quite simply, Trianco Air Source Heat Pumps have a motor powered by electricity that supplies more energy than it consumes, when it extracts heat from the surrounding air. For every unit of energy purchased as electricity, the Trianco Heat Pump produced several units of heat to be delivered, making it up to four times more effective.

Read more about Trianco here…..

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Due to the fact that we are a heating and plumbing supplier, to compliment our vast, comprehensive stock range of Boilers, we have a wide array of Boiler Accessories in order to ensure that your central heating and hot water system is running effectively and efficiently. Just as accessories with any product on the market, Boiler Accessories are all ideal and complimentary products that will make a difference and improve the performance of your boiler and the system around it. The Rolex watch to finish the suit you could say…

At BHL we also offer a comprehensive range of quality Boiler Accessories for a variety of different boiler manufacturers in order to complement any new of existing central heating system in the UK. As a result, if you are looking for Boiler Accessories, such as a condensate pump or a plume management kit, BHL has the solution you need for quality Boiler Accessories for quality boilers.

The Boiler Accessories we sell include;

  • Boiler FluesThe pipe, tube or channel that conveys hot air, gas, steam and waste product from a boiler to the outside environment.
  • Boiler ControlsGive you the freedom to decide how your home is heated, making it warm when you need to, but switching off when you don’t, the right boiler controls could save you up to £235 a year.
  • Filling LoopsA flexible hose with valves at either end used in sealed heating systems to introduce water into the system. It is generally situated near to the boiler and expansion vessel. This should be shut off once the system is filled.
  • Carbon Monoxide AlarmsIs a device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Boiler Repair Kit28 commonly used fixings for a wide range of major boiler manufacturer’s appliances as well as 4 products needed for everyday service work.
  • Condensate PumpsA specific type of pump used to circulate the condensate water produce in a water heating system.
  • Water TreatmentThese ensure that the water used in the heating systems is appropriate for safe and efficient use.
  • Universal ThermocoupleA junction between two different metals that produces a voltage related to a temperature difference within a heating system.
  • Condensate PipesThis is the waste pipe that carries condensation from the boiler to the drain outside of the property.

In relation to boilers, the main two types of accessories that are essential in the general usage and daily applications of a boiler and a heating system in domestic application are boiler flues and boiler controls. With the addition of these two types of boiler accessories, your domestic heating system will run more efficiently and effectively and thus, cutting down and reducing your general heating bills considerable which in itself is worth considering.

Boiler Flues are a composition of various pipes and components that convey hot air, gas, steam or smoke from a Boiler, Fireplace or Water Heater to the outdoors. At BHL we provide a wide array of components that help you construct the ideal flue system for your purpose and property, including both Gas Boiler Flues and Oil Boiler Flues. Boiler Flues usually operate by buoyancy, also known as the stack effect or the combustion products may be induced via a blower. As combustion products contain carbon monoxide and other dangerous compunds, proper draft and admission of replacement air is imperative from the use of Boiler Flues.

Furthermore, adding Boiler Controls or central heating controls to your system, whether they are inbuilt or external, will make the overall system more efficient and provide you with more consistent levels of home comfort and enjoyment. Here at BHL, we supply a wide variety and comprehensive stock range of Gas Boiler Controls and Oil Boiler Controls to ensure that you find the right Boiler Controls for you and your home. (Read more about Boiler Controls on our BHL Blog Entry)

Proper control of central heating and domestic hot water systems  with the use of Boiler Accessories can provide a comfortable living environment and help to minimise fuel costs. Energy efficiency in the home depends on controls that fit in with modern living patterns. Central heating and DHW controls are at the heart of the Part L of the Building Regulations and are key to delivering greater efficiency. BHL offer a comprehensive range of optional performance accessories, all enabling cost effective use of domestic heating.

Boiler Accessories are available to Buy online from BHL. We supply a wide range of Boiler Accessories online from leading manufacturers including; Vaillant, Worcester-Bosch, Glow-Worm and Honeywell.

Read more about Boiler Accessories here…

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For more than 135 years, Vaillant has been setting the standards in the heating market, creating products that have revolutionised the industry, from water heaters in the early 1900′s, to pioneering the ‘combination’ boiler over 35 years ago. Today, Vaillant are as proud to be leading the way in renewable technologies, developing systems which utilise sustainable sources of energy. This enables you to enjoy simple, healthy and energy saving solutions for your heating, cooling and hot water needs.

As one of Europe’s leading heating technology manufacturer, ‘thinking ahead’ is a culture which is embraced throughout Vaillant. Their products feature high energy efficiency ratings and low emissions, and come with an enviable reputation for performance, quality and reliability. Vaillant’s constant drive to provide leading levels of customer service and training support, helps to demonstate why customers recommend Vaillant and BHL.

Vaillant Boilers are leading manufacturers of gas fired domestic and commercial central heating boilers including Vaillant Combi Boilers and Vaillant Condensing Boilers in the UK. Vaillant manufacture a wide range of gas boilers for the home including Vaillant Combi Boilers and Vaillant Heating Boilers. Vaillants range of gas boilers include an impressive range of combination boilers such as the Vaillant ecoTEC ProVaillant ecoTEC Plus and the Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive. Vaillant also produce the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus System Boiler and the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus heating boiler. Vaillant offers a wide range of Boiler Controls. Vaillant Programmable heating controls provide a comfortable living environment within your home and help to minimize domestic heating bills.

Vaillant’s latest range of stainless steel unvented cylinders gives you the option of a broad range of capacities from 125 litres up to 310 litres. Whichever Vaillant Cylinder you choose, you can be sure of the quality and performance that you expect from Vaillant. In addition, a high recovery heating coil and superb reheat times being best in class make uniSTOR the only choice in unvented cylinders.


Renewable energy is the term used to describe energy flows that occur naturally and continuously in the environment, such as energy from the wind, waves or tides. The origin of the majority of these sources can be traced back to either the sun (energy from the sun helps to drive the earth’s weather patterns) or the gravitational effects of the sun and the moon. This means that these sources are essentially inexhaustible, where the radiation from the sun can be collected by Vaillant solar panels which include; auroTHERM VFK, auroTHERM VTK and auroTHERM Plus.

The key issue is how to extract this energy as effectively as possible and convert it into more useful forms of energy. This can range from directly using the energy from the sun to heat water to using mechanical devices, such as wind turbines, to convert the kinetic energy in the wind to electrical energy. Vaillant Solar provides various solar systems, designed to supply various needs. Vaillant Solar domestic water systems can generate between 50-70% of your hot water using radiation from the sun.

Today, Vaillant are as proud to be leading the way in renewable technologies, developing systems which utilise sustainable sources of energy. Vaillant’s constant drive to provide leading levels of customer service and training support, helps to demonstate why customers recommend Vaillant and BHL. Vaillant Heat Pumps are manufactured in two different types:

Ground Source Heat PumpVaillant ground source heat pumps collect energy in the earth or in the air and use it to heat water in a cylinder for distribution to taps, appliances and radiators. They can also cool the house in the summer. These Vaillant Heat Pumps contain the most advanced technology available for home heating, hot water and cooling. Due to the fact that the earth itself ‘stores’ energy, it is an extremely reliable and constant energy source, it creates no harmful emissions and uses a very small amount of electricity to drive the pumps themselves.

Air to Air Heat PumpsVaillant Heat Pump systems can efficiently heat the room during the winter and as an added benefit, also provide cooling during the summer. This means you can enjoy a climate controlled environment all year round. advanced filter solutions also bring good news for allergy sufferers with the air to air Vaillant Heat Pump system cleaning the air as it circulates in the room. And, due to it’s high efficiency in heating mode, it is more environmentally friendly than many conventional heating systems.

Read more about Vaillant here…..

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We have just improved the Boiler section within the BHL website. With thousands of products the boiler is now the most comprehensive boiler site on the net. Featuring every type of boiler imaginable, including all the latest boiler models from the leading manufacturers such as Worcester Boilers, Vaillant Boilers, Baxi Boilers and Glow-worm Boilers. and, is the source for everything Boilers.

New categories include Gas Saver, Boiler Accessories, Solar Boilers, Biomass Boilers and Commercial Boilers, including a comprehensive Boiler Controls and Boiler Flues section.

About Boilers

The capacity (heat output) of the Boiler needed to satisfy your requirements can be calculated by adding up the manufacturers specified heat output of all the radiators, plus a 3kW allowance for a hot water cylinder. Ten per cent is added to allow for exceptionally cold weather. The overall calculation is affected by the heat lost through the walls and ceiling, and also by the number of air changes caused by ventilation.

Central Heating Boilers provide warmth and comfort to any home. There are many different types of boiler on the market by lots of different boiler manufacturers. Boilers can be Gas Boilers, Oil Boilers, Solid Fuel Boilers or Electric Boilers. Nowadays, most boilers are high efficiency Condensing Boilers. Condensing boilers extract more heat from the fuel than other types of boiler. Condensing boilers achieve this by passing water through a highly efficient heat exchanger, or a second heat exchanger that uses heat from the flue to preheat cool water returning to the radiators. There are various types of boiler available.

Combination boilers or Combi Boilers provide both hot water to a sealed system and a seperate supply of instant hot water directly to taps and showers. Advantages of combi boilers are ease of installation, space-saving and economy. A heating only boiler is in most instances the most likely boiler to buy if you are replacing an older model of boiler. The chances are that you will have a regular (conventional) boiler. A typical conventional system includes a boiler and extended controls, a feed and expansion cistern, and a hot water cylinder, generally located in an airing cupboard. This will be fed by a cold water storage cistern located in the loft.

A system boiler unlike a combi boiler, work on the principle of stored hot water. However a system boiler differs from a regular boiler in some important respects. Firstly, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built in, which means that installation is quicker, neater, easier and more efficient. Secondly, the hot water is pumped from the boiler through the system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern.

Read more about Boilers here..


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Rarely do Central Heating Boilers make the front pages but the governments recent Boiler Scrappage Scheme initiative changed all that, certainly for a day or two.

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme has been mooted for some time and is inspired by the successful Car Scrappage Scheme. The campaign for the Boiler Scrappage scheme was started by Mick Williams and I have followed and supported the scheme for some time now.  Chancellor Alistair Darling announced the Boiler Scrappage Scheme in his pre-Budget report in December.

The new Boiler Scrappage Scheme enables homeowners to get £400 off the installation costs when you scrap an old and inefficient G-rated boiler replacing it with a new, high efficient A-rated condensing boiler (and even renewable heating technologies) – Not sure if your boiler applies? Well if it has a pilot light it probably does. Need further clarification? Click here

There are currently 3.5m homes in England with the most inefficient type of boiler. The government is offering households (albeit only 125,000) £400 towards the cost of upgrading their old boiler.

It would be pretty obvious to most that an old boiler is not going to be that efficient, certainly not the 90% or better that a new A-rated boiler can boast. A new condensing boiler will use less fuel resulting in lower CO2 emissions and running costs. Renewable options, including heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels, thus ticking all the green boxes.

To apply for the scheme the boiler you are replacing must be in full working order. You yourself must be under 60 and living in England. If you are over 60 you can still apply even if the boiler does not work. The scheme is not currently available in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you want to apply for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme you must first get quotes from different installers. Once you have chosen an installer you will need to get a quote in order to register for a voucher. Remember, installations must be carried out by Gas Safe, Oftec or Microgeneration Certification scheme registered installers.

Once you have received your voucher, you can then proceed with the installation. You will need to pay upfront for the new boiler and installation before you can then claim back the £400 by sending the voucher and invoice to the Energy Saving Trust. Payment will be issued within 25 working days of receipt of the voucher and invoice.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the scheme you”d better act fast. With 3.5m G-rated boilers but only funding for 125,000, some will be disappointed. But before you consider signing up, consider this. If your boiler is trouble free and operating effectively, is it worth replacing it? Sure, a new boiler will be more efficient but it probably wont last as long as your existing, cast iron appliance. However, should you decide to apply it is worth buying your boiler boiler directly, from a supplier like BHL rather than through your installer. BHL have a wide range of from leading manufacturers including Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Glow-Worm.

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First there was the car scrappage scheme, now a similar scheme for central heating boilers has been mooted. The Boiler Scrappage Scheme would work in a similar way to the car scrappage scheme

The concept of a Boiler Scrappage Scheme was concieved within the industry and clearly homeowners replacing their old boiler with a new appliance will benefit plumbers, boilers manufacturers and suppliers.

But more than that, a householder replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new condensing boiler could save more than £200 a year in gas bills. And replacing some of the millions of old boilers with efficiencies less than 70% would save thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emmisions every year.

A Boiler Scrappage Scheme will have all the benefits that the car scrappage scheme does, but with added clout. For example, there is nothing to prevent you replacing your old car with a new gas-guzzler. The Boiler Scrappage Scheme on the other hand would replace old inefficient boilers with new, highly efficient condensing boilers.

The scheme has attracted the support of leading figures with the industry as well as Sian Berry the 2008 Green Mayor of London candidate.

The proposed Boiler Scrappage Scheme really does make sense. You can register your support by signing the petition.

Read more about the scheme here

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The age old question and one we hear everyday. For every soul looking for a new Boiler asks the same questions – a variation of ”Which is the best Boiler?” or ”Who makes the best boiler?”

Trying to answer these questions can prove a little tricky, particullarly when trying to remain unbiased. Buying a boiler is expensive and can be confusing and the customer faces a huge choice of seemingly comparable appliances.

Vaillant and Worcester – the Best Boilers?

Traditionally Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant are acknowledged as the best boiler brands for which I would agree (despite the fact that I am not an installer and have never got down and dirty with such an animal). How then do I then reach this conclusion? Well, years of talking to both installers and home-owners pay homage to these brands.

In my experience most engineers and installers choose to install either Worcester or Vaillant boilers and most informed home-owners will ask for a Worcester or Vaillant boiler, partly due in part I suspect to the respective manufacturers larger marketing budgets. Glowing reports in consumer magazines also help. Which? magazine (September 2009) in their “Best and Worst Boiler Brands” rated both Vaillant and Worcester as their “Best Brands” scoring both an impressive 83%.

The Which? report asked 3,000 of it members about their personal experiences with their boiler. Just 26% of Vaillant owners have had any problems with their new boiler in the last four years.

My Worcester Greenstar 35 HE Plus

My Worcester Greenstar 35 HE Plus

Worcester is the most frequently bought boiler brand by those surveyed and just 29% of owners had experienced any problems. My own personal experience of Worcester is echoed. I am the owner of a six year old Worcester Greenstar 35 HE plus. Up to now the boiler has not once let me down!

Best Buy Boilers

Among the best buy appliances tested the following appliances scored highly. Baxi Duo-tec Combi 28 HE, the Glow-Worm Ultracom 24 hxi, the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 824 Combi and Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 831 Combi and finally the Potterton Gold C24 HE Combi.

We found the Cheapest Boilers Online

A great shot in the arm for all online Plumber”s Merchants – all the Best Buy Boilers were found cheapest online. If proof was ever needed, this confirms that shopping online for Boilers (at a store like BHL or Boilers2go) is both fruitful and, so it would seem, the future consumers chosen market place.

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